custom ritual masks for healing, transformation and creative self-expression.

Masks have been created and used by human beings for at least 30,000 years.  The masks, and the rituals associated with them, were made to ensure a successful hunt or harvest, for rites of passage for various stages of life, to observe and celebrate the change of seasons, and to draw down healing spirits for physical, mental and spiritual health. In ancient tribal rites the intention of the person wearing the mask is to be transformed into the deity or spirit the mask represents. Masks are used in contemporary secular society for holidays, festivals, dramatic performances, to disguise identity for social commentary and protest.

In therapy, masks have been used to help clients explore identity, to identify and integrate disowned aspects of self, to process trauma, to explore spirituality through sacred art, to forge a deeper connection with a higher power, to assume a different or more empowered self, to honor the wounded self, to celebrate the survivor self and to grieve the dead.

In the Authentic Embodiment process, we use seven archetypal masks to embody the energy of each main energetic spiral (chakra). Through wearing these masks, we explore the light and shadow aspects of each spiral. By identifying these aspects as energy patterns, we can let go of the ones that no longer serve us and fully step into our highest potential.

Through the process of creating 7 archetypal masks, I now make custom ritual masks for people who want to have it as a personal powerful tool for healing, transformation and creative self-expression.

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